About us

Formed in 2011, Hydro brought together industry expertise along with the latest in cutting-edge building technology, to create a business capable of delivering environmentally progressive and innovative solutions to the problems caused by the UK’s rising floodwaters.

Using pioneering, creative and practical solutions, Hydro is committed to developing and building residential, commercial and mixed-use developments on flood plains and other land at risk of future flooding.

Hydro offers a new approach to property development, one that works with nature and embraces water to effectively and realistically manage the increased flood risk caused by today’s world wide increase in water levels.

Our experience

The Hydro team have extensive experience of dealing with residential, commercial and investment property, with a history of being able to successfully deliver large scale pioneering developments from inception to completion.

Hydro currently operates nationally, focusing on areas particularly at risk of flooding.

Hydro Can Float Animation

Discover how Hydro's approach to property development works with nature and embraces water to manage an increased flood risk.


LBC Interview

  • Listen to Hydro Properties Development Director

We are Hydro Properties Ltd.

Hydro Properties Ltd together with its parent company Hydro Property Holdings Limited form the Hydro Group. Hydro offers a solution to the UK’s rising floodwater through building innovative Can Float structures.
Please contact us with any land and property development opportunities.
Land supply is a key issue contributing to housing market volatility and problems of housing affordability in the UK.

Key to long-term reform to land supply in order to reduce volatility in the housing market is for planning authorities and their partners to become more proactive in the land market, especially in the case of publicly owned land. The core elements in an effective planning policy are: incentives and mechanisms to bring forward land for development.

Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust, International review of land supply and planning systems – 11 March 2013


The Hydro team of development specialists are thoroughly experienced in the delivery of major projects, with a history of being able to deliver complex and challenging development opportunities.