The basic technology behind ‘floating buildings’ is already proven and has been used around the world for the past 70 years, either on water or at water’s edge.

Hydro have progressed and developed this technology to create a unique building system that can be used away from water’s edge, on dry land that is at risk of flooding or future flooding. In normal climatic conditions the building sits on the landscape in a conventional manner, but whenever a flood event occurs the entire building will rise up in its dock and float, buoyed by the floodwater.

The Hydro system is completely scalable allowing for unrestricted footprint and multi-storey designs.

The Can Float and Floating models can be used to build single homes, large apartment blocks, superstores, factories or even entire communities; there are very few design constraints.

Hydro designed properties look exactly like any other traditionally built residential or commercial structure, the only difference is that they have been intelligently designed to resist flooding by rising and falling with the water level.

Can Float Animation

Mortgages & Warranties

An extraordinary cutting edge design property but with all the standard assurances you’d expect with a traditional building.

  • Standard home mortgages and insurance through market leaders.
  • Normal maintenance schedules any traditional home would require.
  • 450 year lifespan on the Can Float and Floating pontoon.
  • Latent Defects New Home 10 Year Structural Warranty provided by market leaders.
  • Buildings that exceed standard building regulations.
Our research shows the national housing shortage is taking a £4 billion slice out of consumers’ pockets.

Katja Hall, CBI Deputy Director-General


Land Required

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